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Who we are

Wine Society's activity can simply be described as a path to the joy of excellent wine. We believe that the grapevine gives birth to such an extraordinary beverage that it can uplift many moments through all the human senses. It can also unexpectedly inspire and lead us to intensive experiences. We hope that our customers, in as large numbers as possible and from any corner of society, will have the opportunity to appreciate good wine and enjoy it. Together with the carefully selected wines, we offer a welcoming place in which such wines can be enjoyed, and in which our customers will have the opportunity to refine their taste. Wine Society was created from a love of wine, abundant not only in the founders Regina Chlumská and Martin Filipec but also in all their co-workers and members of the club.

Our wines

Wine Society selects and offers wines from both, the famous classic wineries, and from the hidden local treasures. Our portfolio is just as varied as the palette of European grape varieties and wine regions. We know all of our wines well, and we've selected them on the basis of our conviction about their quality. The quality is our main measure, and customers' pleasure from a glass our supreme goal. We look for producers who make wine in an ecologically responsible manner, but at the same time to the highest quality. We prefer wines with a distinctive character, as we're convinced that good wine isn't just a beverage for consumption, but also a once-in-a-lifetime event, a report on the year and place of origin that stirs the taster's senses. We'll be happy to talk with you about every wine if you like, and recommend how to store it and appreciate it the best.

Selecting your wines for you
Regina Chlumská
Main Sommelier & Partner
Wine Society

Refined her senses at the Sommelier Academy and International WSET.

Never would she refuse a glass of Champagne or a good Chardonnay from Burgundy.

Martin Filipec
Sommelier & Partner
Wine Society

Broadened his wine horizons at the Sommelier Academy and International WSET.

Never would he refuse the great wines of Bordeaux and Tuscany.

Jakub P. Honců
Winemaker and Wine Society Adviser

Acquired a love for wine and the art of wine-making in a famous Burgundy winery. Appreciates pure wines that reflect their place of origin.

Never would he refuse a well-made Pinot Noir, never a slate Riesling.

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