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Detailní podmínky členství

Detailed terms and conditions of Wine Society Club


Wine Society club is operated by the company Wine Society s.r.o., with registered seat in Korunní 21, Praha 2, 120 00, Czech Republic.
Any natural person who reached the age of 18 and has a clean criminal record can become a member of the Wine Society club.


Types of membership that client can choose from are all described on our website www.winesociety.cz, in section Wine Club.
The membership can be changed anytime. It can be stopped or transferred to someone else as well. In these cases, please contact us by e-mail or by phone (mentioned below).


The cases are usually delivered during the second week of month. We always contact each club member in advance about the exact date and time of delivery.

We mostly deliver during the working hours. It is possible to ask for changing the date or the delivery address.

Wine case delivery within Czech republic is for all members free of charge. For shipping to Slovakia the standard rates specified in business terms and conditions apply. Free shipping applies neither on e-shop orders nor on the purchase made at Wine Society.

Complaints about damaged packages:
In case the package is damaged or incomplete, contact us immediately (telephonically or by e-mail mentioned below) and we will replace your package as soon as possible.


Wine Society club members can ask for wine adjustment according to their preferences. Wine society can make the adjustment as long as it does not influence the Wine Society operation. If you are interested in changing the composition of wine case, it is necessary to contact us by e-mail, at least 10 business days before next planned delivery.

Wine Society guarantee:
If any of our wines does not satisfy you, please come to our boutique and we will be happy to choose a different wine for you. The conditions for replacing are that the bottle must be returned with its cork, must be at least half full and must be delivered personally to Wine Society. The bottle cannot be opened for more than 48 hours.


The membership fee is paid in advance, due to 5th day of the month. You can pay for one-year or half-year membership at once or it is possible to pay on the monthly basis, using the bank transfer. There is also an option paying cash or by credit card at Wine Society.


Wine Society club members can fully apply the discounts and benefits according to the type of membership. All advantages are described on our website in section Wine club.

The discount on purchased wine and on events organized by Wine Society can be applied on orders in our e-shop (after signing to your client account) or on orders made personally at Wine Society (after showing the member card). The discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

The club members are always informed about scheduled program at Wine Society, preferentially. Therefore, they have right to make prior reservations for degustation, wine courses and dinners served at Wine Society. If you would like to make a reservation, it is necessary to contact us in advance. In case the capacity has been filled, the preferential right does not apply.

The possibility of using the Wine Society premises free of charge for private events is relevant only to Classé members. It is necessary to schedule the event individually with Wine Society in advance. However, it can never influence the set program of Wine Society which is published on website, in section Program. Wine Society stipulates the right to refuse providing its premises for events that are incompatible with company philosophy and that could disturb Wine Society operation.


The membership can be cancelled anytime. If you pay monthly and get package every second month, it is necessary to pay for a full package. If you paid for 1 year in advance, we will return you the amount regarding the length of the membership.

Wine Society reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Wine Society Club at any time. Wine Society also reserves the right to expel a member from Wine Society club in case of non-fulfilment of membership terms and conditions. This appraisal is unconditionally within the Wine Society's competencies.

These terms and conditions come into force on 9/1/2016.

If you have any queries, please contact us:

Magdalena Košnarová
Wine Club & Event Manager
Korunní 21
120 00 Praha 2

Po-Pá: 14.00-19.00
So: On demand

+420 602 700 392

Contact us:

+420 720 151 667

Visit us:

Wine Society s.r.o
Korunní 21
120 00 Praha 2
2pm – 7pm
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